That’s bunk


They’ve got one job – just one. Make the right calls. The umpires didn’t do that in all 13 innings Sunday night, and the Giants stole a 4-3 win from the Nats on two bogus calls – one that both the Washington Post and said went the other way on instant replay.

In the bottom of the fifth, it looked like shortstop Cristian Guzman threw out Omar Vizquel, but first-base umpire Greg Gibson called Vizquel safe. The replay appeared to show that Vizquel was out. It cost the Nationals a run.

The Giants scored another controversial run in the bottom of the eighth inning. With Vizquel at first, Edgardo Alfonzo hit the ball down the left-field line. A young Giants fan leaned over and touched the ball with his glove, but home-plate umpire Lance Barksdale allowed Vizquel to score.

"You go out there on the field and you compete and if you get beat, you get beat. … But you don’t like it when they take it away from you," manager Frank Robinson said.

Sure, there’s a little room for human error in all officiating, but two costly runs?



    First. I realy enjoy reading your blog. Its nice to read your opinions and takes. I wittnessed the calls you wrote about on MLB Extra Innings. Hard to swallow for sure. Thanks for doing what you do.


    Broken Arrow, OK

  2. Heather

    Thanks Rob! As for the other blog … Hahaha .. I LOVE IT! When I watched that **** interview on ESPN with Barry and his crutch (his son)I wanted to throw up. I never knew the media had so much power it can “ruin” him or whatever he said. His a jerk and always has been.

  3. Steve

    Nice blog! Take good care of the former Expos! They were the first team I ever cheered for!
    How is RFK as a ballpark?

    Steve from Toronto

    p.s. I’ll be seeing the Nats for a game or 2 in Toronto next weekend.

    Love interleague ball!

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